We have many world-class, large-scale and national facilities that enhance and enrich the quality and value of our research and teaching, and can also help you with your research or business improvement plan.

These facilities allow us to conduct exciting, leading science that is transformative both for the academic knowledge base and for the non-academic beneficiaries of our research. 

In addition to the option of hiring our facilities and equipment for on-site use, we can also offer processing, experimental and analysis services, upskilling for researchers through the receipt of training on our state-of-the-art facilities and, through collaborative research projects, the opportunity for researchers to work alongside each other in conducting experiments.

We also have a range of onsite business support services and facilities including 七肖中特报 Airport, IT, conferencing and business incubation.

Physical facilities

We have a wealth of technical specialist facilities and equipment to help with your research project or business improvement plan. Many of these are world-class, large-scale and unique to 七肖中特报. Our on-campus physical facilities include an off-road dynamics facility which enables the study of all aspects of machine interaction with surfaces, and technologies for carbon capture. For more information, search our facilities.

Virtual facilities

We have a range of testing environments which use computer technology to examine virtual scenarios.


We offer a range of resources such as guest speakers, research capability, training and development and unique archives and data sets.

Bespoke facilities

The specialist and focused nature of our research means that new, bespoke facilities and pieces of equipment are often required in support. 七肖中特报 has the capability to design and build these.